Tuesday, March 3, 2009

5th March - 11th March 2009

Damnnn. All the gigs are falling on ONE day! This is crazy, how do we choose!?!?! BLARGH!
  • 5th March 2009
- Souls for Souls @ Taylor’s College, S.Jaya, gives us our happy, clappy but definitely not crappy powerpop band, Couple and danceable The Fridays! If I am not wrong, the actual event is going to be the whole day, and performances around evening!

  • 6th March 2009
- Harmacy will be delighting Ipohans at their Voodoo Bistro, Ipoh (behind the infamous Jusco)!

  • 7th March 2009
- The Secret Show
   Venue: Soundmaker, Weld Quey, Penang
   Time: 2pm onwards
   Entry: RM18
   Catch bands like: The Times and Skatanixs!

- X-Gig Melaka!
   Venue: Aloha, Melaka
   Time: 2pm til end (6pm)
   Entry: FREE - it's X.Fresh, babe!
   Catch PureVibracion, Joanna&Co, The Rhaman, Skudap Skudip and Robot Asmara!

- United Under One Roof
   Venue: SMK Convent, Jln. Peel
   Time: 11am onwards
   Entry: RM5
   Catch: Skudap Skudip, Rivernation, Funky Doryz and Hijau!

- Rock Against Prejudice!
   Venue: One Cafe, KL
   Time: 1pm til end
   Entry: RM15
   Catch bands like: Imaginary Frens, Second Combat and Black Territory

  • 8th March 2009
- Plague of Happiness is back! They'll be skanking their way back to the gig schedules at City Plaza, JB!

That's all! See what I mean? Hahahah!

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