Thursday, July 31, 2008

30th July - 7th August 2008

HECTIC! I'm running out of time and doing this in such a rush! So pardon me if there are any typo mistakes and all that stuff!


1st August 2008
  • Army of Three performing at the Revolution Conference, Kota Kinabalu. 8pm
  • Hujan will be gigging at the Samsons Club Tour @ Republik, Sunway 8pm along wit Estranged.

2nd August 2008

  • Army of Three performing at the Revolution Conference, Kota Kinabalu. 8pm

  • Skudap Skudip will be performing at Central Market at 2pm for the ROTTW gig! Catch it!
  • Couple will be at the X-Fresh FM gig down here in KL 2pm onwards.
  • MTV Asia invites the Celcom gang & Hujan to Genting Highlands to perform at 2pm! Let's hope it won't be a pagi yg gelap during that day there! :)
  • Caliban will be performing live in Malaysia at MCPA Hall from 1pm til end, and it's gonna be kick ass with some of our bands such as Revenge, Cassandra, Restraint and OhChentaKu performing! RM5o tickets - come on, an international act is there, so spare some change :D Definitely a gig for Hardcore metalheads.

  • Then Revenge will pack all their stuff and run to Ruums, KL at 8pm for a show with Wings. This is the Gegaran Rock Showcase. Worth a sight, so feel free to drop by!
  • Catch They Will Kill Us All at Sunway Pyramid for the TBC gig at 8pm.
  • Skudap Skudip is busy these days! Phoo! They'll be performing at Padang Kawat UITM Shah Alam after the KLWMBC Carnival with The Times as well, so catch this gig if you'd like a little low-fi music, too.

3rd August 2008

  • Army of Three performing at the Revolution Conference, Kota Kinabalu. 8pm

  • Central Market opens its stage for Jeopardice @ the ROTTW gig!

  • KLWMBC invites Skudap Skudip to skank up the stage during the Carnival. 1pm onwards.

  • THEN, Skudap Skudip will be racing towards Stadium Merdeka's Parking Lot for the INDIE ROCKSHOW gig. Free Entry, featuring indie goers such as Bunkface, Rosewood and 7Collar T-shirt. Catch this gig from 12pm til 8pm!

  • KAMI Tour hits Pahang!
    Wisma Belia (Dataran)
    2pm onwards; catch bands like Bittersweet, Couple and The Times!!
  • Mont Kiara is hosting a RAKAN MUDA B.O.T.B gig in which Hujan will be giving the kids a treat to some of their tunes. Catch it!
  • OAG throwing some indie around at Sarawak Kuching! So for those of you on that side of Malaysia, catch your homeboy Radhi there!
  • Toe gig @ Ruums presents They Will Kill Us All to you guys! :) 8pm onwards!

7th August 2008

  • Hujan kicks butt @ Levis Brand, Don't Panic gig
    8pm - KL


And that is all from me, for now! Celine.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

24th July - 30th July 2008

Ngeh, I(Celine) will be off to France July/August, therefore sorry if there will be any delays in next issues for the August weeks, or none at all... :

24th July 2008
  • The Aggrobeats performing @ 9pm
    Laundry Bar, The Curve

25th July 2008

  • Army of Three will be performing @ 8pm
    Encore Camp - Genting
    They will be there until the 27th July. :) GO Ao3!
  • Hujan will be performing @ 8pm
    Era.Fm Tour - Seberang Perai, Pulau Pinang
  • Rock Stun Fest '08
    One Cafe
    8pm til late
    RM 15 (ignore the $ on the flyer haha)

Check out The Padangs.:)

26th July 2008 (the jam begins here)

  • KAMI Tour - Penang
    New World Park
    2pm onwards
Bands that you MUST check out!:
Basically all of them, you know!

Estrella - slow serenades
Bittersweet - Britrock influenced tunes
Couple - Sweet, singalong poptunes heheh
They Will Kill Us All - Ambient Rockkkk
The Times - Poprock
Love Me Butch - Hardcore metal/rock

  • FLYFM Campur Chart - Free Entry!
    Penang - Carmen Bistro
    8pm onwards

Bands to check out:
The Otherside Orchestra
Love Me Butch

  • Saturday Bloody Sunday
    MCPA Hall, KL
    1pm til end
    Saturday (at the door): RM25
    5th July until 20th July: RM40
    21st to 27th July: RM45
Bands to check out (For 26th July):

  • H.I.X, a hardcore screamo band, performing at Cineleisure for the Discovery Stage Battle of the Bands Semi Finals @ 10am!
  • Plague of Happiness & The Full Pledge Munkees performing @ Razzmatazz Disco Club, Kota Kinabalu for P.O.H's KAWAN Tour.

27th July 2008 (another gig-packed day!)

  • Hujan performing for Era.Fm Tour @ Taiping, Perak!
    4pm onwards

  • Saturday Bloody Sunday - Ignite live in Malaysia -
    MCPA Hall - Opposite Maharajalela Monorail Station, KL
    21st to 27th July: RM45!
Don't forget to check out Restraint & Second Combat
And of course, IGNITE!
Love Me Butch will also be opening for Ignite.

  • Army of Three will be performing in SALT Grace Church, Shah Alam
  • Army of Three's vocalist's side project, An Honest Mistake, will be performing in Jln Yap Kwan Seng at the Marketplace Restaurant.
  • Oldschool rock band Revenge will perform for the Road to ROTTW Stage gig @ Central Market Main Stage
    6pm onwards
  • Sarawakian sweethearts, The Times, will perform @ Universiti Sains Malaysia
    Penang - 2pm onwards
  • Johor Bahru, watch out for Couple! They'll be playing in City Plaza
    It's Time To Rock n Roll @ 2pm
  • Plague of Happiness continues their KAWAN tour in Old Court House, Kuching at 12pm onwards! Catch them and skank till you're out of breath!

  • Ini Gigs! - Free Entry
    12pm - 11.30pm
    Hari Usahawan, Tasik Sri Rampai, KL

Bands you got to check out are:

28th July 2008

  • Meet Uncle Hussain in the KAMI tour in Johor Bahru

29th July 2008

  • Ska band Gerhana Ska Cinta at Ruums KL
    8tv Unzipped gig - 8pm!


Damn that's a hell lotta gigs for you to catch, so go!!! :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

17th July - 23rd July 2008

Another week filled with gigs ARGH!
18th July 2008
  • GBOB Press Conference (That's a gig!?!?!)
    Army of Three & Revenge performing @ Titanium, Phileo Damansara

19th July 2008 (packed packed PACKED with GREAT gigs!)

  • KAMI Tour in Melaka
    Dataran Pahlawan, Melaka
    2pm onwards
    Featuring bands like:
    They Will Kill Us All
    The Times
  • Bittersweet Showcase
    Dewan MPS, Negeri Sembilan
    1pm -7pm (obviously, bands from the gig above will either be late to this gig or that gig)
    RM 20

Bands to look out for:
Bittersweet (obviously)

      • Puteh gig!
        2pm onwards
        RM 20
        MCPA Hall - KL, opposite the Maharajalela Monorail Station

      Bands to look out for:
      Seven Collar Tshirt
      Zip Zieller
      The Aggrobeats

      Basically almost all la.... hahaha!

      20th July 2008
      • Best of Indie 2008
        Dewan Mini Bestari, Melaka
        1pm onwards
        RM 22

      Bands like: -
      The Rhaman


      • Made in Malaysia
        Stadium Larkin, Johor Bahru
        4pm - 11pm
        RM 20
        Presale before 19th July - RM 10

      Bands like:
      Plague of Happiness!
      Meet Uncle Hussain

      • My So Called Gig
        Paul's Place/Giggers
        Old Klang Road, KL
        1pm onwards
        RM 10
      Bands to check out:
      Seven Miles

              • One Buck Short
                Cineleisure, The Curve @ 1pm onwards for the MTV Asia Awards Roadshow

              • Scream Out Loud
                MCPA Hall - KL, opposite Maharajalela monorail station
                1pm til late
              Bands like:

              Second Combat

              22nd July 2008
              • Hujan
                Sambutan Hari Kemerdekaan Sarawak Bersama Penubuhan Malaysia
                Kuching, Sarawak


              That's all from me, Celine, once more! :)

              Wednesday, July 9, 2008

              10th July 2008 - 16th July 2008

              Alright, guys, time to put on your AllStar sneakers and dress in style as you head down to town for a blast!

              Hope you attend some of these!


              July 12th [Jampacked with gigs!]

              • ROCK N ROLL: A party of SOUND
                RM 15
                KL JAM ASIA, Hartamas - Near Karma Club

              Band to watch out for; Enrai, whose bassist is one of our very own blogger, Jarrod. ;)

              • SHOUT IT OUT LOUD
                RM 15
                1pm onwards
                MCPA Hall, KL - Opposite Maharajalela Monorail Station

              Band(s) to look out for;
              Second Combat - Screamo!
              Oh Chentaku - More subtle sounds.
              The Otherside Orchestra - if you like dancing! :)

              • KUALA KANGSAR GIG - Perak
                12pm onwards
                Dewan SJK(C) Tsung Wah Kuala Kangsar
                (price not confirmed)
                Bands such as Meet Uncle Hussain, OAG, Bittersweet & Couple will be there, so if you're in Perak, grab the chance! ;)
              • Muck will be performing at Wisma Chin Woo, Jln. Hussein, Ipoh
                1pm onwards
              • Plague of Happiness will be skanking your boots at Anjung Bising, Kota Bharu from 12pm onwards, so go, go, go wahai kawan! ;P

              July 13th [Chilling...]

              • 8TV UNZIPPED GIG
                Ruums, KL - above KL's TGIF, you should know where!
                Just go there from 3pm onwards and have a blast!
                Bands you will get to catch are One Buck Short & Bittersweet!
              • Konsert Rakyat RTM Kuala Lumpur!
                Band like Meet Uncle Hussain and lots more!
              • Driven Fear SEA Tour
                MCPA HALL, KL
                Couple's gig, alongside others! ;) See for yourself. Ticket price may vary from RM15-25

              July 15th

              • Couple & Hujan will be performing 8pm onwards in Pulau Perhentian @ the Hoppers Family Day.

              July 16th

              • Forty Winks EP Launch Party
                No Black Tie - KL, Off Jln. Nagasari
                RM 10
              Also check out Jeopardise a band from underunderground. :)

              • If you want to ask for gig updates on any other local bands, pop a comment.