Wednesday, June 30, 2010

1st July - 7th July 2010

Knock, knock, any weekends without gigs for once? I need a break! :P
  • 2nd July 2010
- Ini Tidak KomerSIAL!
Venue: Noisy Studio, Ampang (near LRT)
Time: 8pm
Entry: RM5
Catch: The Liberals, Sarjan Hassan, Always Last and Skatanix (DDT Cancel!)

  • 3rd July 2010
- Friends & Family Unite Part II
Venue: Rainhouse Studio, Taiping
Time: 1pm til end
Entry: RM10
Catch: Side Circle, Early Maggots, Catastrophe and This Order

- East Coast Tour
Venue: Tanjung Gelang Beach Resort, Pantai Balok, Kuantan
Time: 12pm onwards
Entry: RM15
Catch: Dichi Michi, Skatanix, Stubborn, Happy Ending and Lucky Munky!

- Drowning In Blood
Venue: Soundmaker Studio, Penang
Time: 1pm
Entry: RM15
Catch Massacre Conspiracy share a stage with rising bands of havoccc!

- KL Nike Cup Final & Rock Concert!
Venue: Dataran Merdeka, KL
Time: 4pm
Entry: FREE!
Catch amazing bands such as They Will Kill Us All, Pure Vibracion, Pesawat, Azlan & The Typewriter and Awanband open for Indonesian heartbreakers Nidji!

- Surf's UP!
Venue: Silveritage Hall, Medan Gopeng, Ipoh!
Time: 2pm onwardssss
Entry: RM18 (pre-sale RM15)
Catch: Dead Eyes Glow, Carburetor Dung, Couple, Sammael Abraham, Revenge, Incarnation, Muck and Harmacy!

- Lymbyc Systm(US) & LITE(Jap) Live in KL
Venue: Wisma Bentley Auditorium, Mutiara Damansara
Time: 3pm onwards
Entry: RM65 (presale RM55)
Catch Akta Angkasa and multicolored Citizens of Icecream open for Lite and Lymbyc Systm!

nidjinidjinidji.... wanna go for LYMBYC, but.. mahal :(

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

24th June - 30th June 2010

SO many gigs... ON THE SAME DAY!!!
  • 25th June 2010
- Hujan will be performing at KB, Kelantan, 9pm.

- Collages Demo Launch
Venue: Noisy Studio, Ampang (near LRT station)
Time: 6pm onwards
Entry: RM7
Catch: Collages, Burnout, and Thy Regiment in action!

  • 26th June 2010
- Metal Festival
Venue: Myevo Clubhouse, Pandan Indah
Time: 2pm onwards
Entry: RM15
Catch: Unexpected Mercy and A Ruthless Cleansing!

- Psycore Showcase
Venue: Maiya Studio, Ipoh
Time: 2pm
Entry: RM12
Catch: Anna Molly, Glamorous Evil Genius, Kiss The Fallen and Betrayal Conflict!

- Urbanscapes; The biggest arts festival of the year!
Venue: KLPAC (near Destiny Hotel/Jalan Ipoh)
Time: Morning-night!
Entry: Pre-sale RM30: Buy tickets at KLPAC, Borders, Rock Corner, Actor's Studio and Axcess outlets
Catch: Couple, Seven Collar T-Shirt, Tenderfist, Sphere, Robot Asmara, Khottal and many many many many more!

- Rainhouse Anniversary III!
Venue: Rainhouse, Taiping
Time: 2pm onwards
Entry: RM15
Catch: Beatburns, XxCrimeScenexX, Geng Busters and Melastik Bintang!

- KL Skankin' Fest 2010
Venue: Muzium Telekom, Jln. Raja Chulan
Time: 2pm!
Entry: RM20
Catch: Gerhana Ska Cinta, Roots N Boots, Plague of Happiness, Skudap Skudip, Johnny Comes Lately, The Aggrobeats and Sharpshooter!

- KCHC Fest
Venue: Tajung Gelang Resort Hall, Balok, Kuantan
Time: 2pm til end
Entry: RM20 (RM15 presale)
Catch: Asthalin, Naratu, Ana 4 Craig, Massacre Conspiracy, Elegy, Dead Eyes Glow and Starting Fight!

- Struck a Nerve!
Venue: Attack attack studio, KB, Kelantan
Time: 2pm
Entry: RM8
Catch Corporate Youth in action with The Korok!

- Generate Generate
Venue: Equal Studio, Kajang
Time: 1pm
Entry: RM10
Catch: Dramacoma, Daighila, Stick No Bill and Infinite Delay!

- The Times will be performing at Batu Pahat, JB for the X-Gig Extended gig!

And that, me friends, are all! Now, as always, your turn to choose. :P

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

17th June - 23rd June 2010

  • 18th June 2010
- Like Father Like Son
Venue: Grido Studio, Kelana Jaya (near KJ LRT)
Time: 8pm onwards
Entry: RM5
Catch: The Liberals, Dum Dum Tak, MOIST, Rotten Ruckus, PunahRanah and Corporate Youth

  • 19th June 2010
- Wolles Fest
Venue: One Cafe, Jln. TAR(between monorail Chow Kit and Medan Tuanku)
Time: 2pm onwards
Entry: RM15
Catch: Beatburns, Ana For Craig, A Ruthless Cleansing, The Padangs, Caladrius, Her Silent Wish (SG), Starting Fight and Nevada

- Dance Punk Party
Venue: Noisy Studio, Ampang (Near LRT station)
Time: 2pm onwards
Entry: RM10
Catch: MOIST, Enrai, Ben's Bitches, The Fridays, Parttimelovers, Tenderfist, Kaosbeat and Secret Love Affair

- Your Chaos Days Are Numbered @ Equal Studio will be another gig filled with the hardcore bandof our music scene.

  • 20th June 2010
- Seven Collar T-shirt and Hujan will be performing at Dataran Merdeka.

- Massacre Conspiracy will be part of the Youth Unite Part 2 in Rumah Media, Melaka

- This is street clash!
Venue: Orange Entrance, Sunway Pyramid
Time: 12pn onwards
Entry: Free
Catch: Ben's Bitches, Parttimelovers and Corporate Youth

- Catch A Ruthless Cleansing at The Library, Mutiara Damansara, CineLeisure at 8pm

- Catch Deepset at La Fete de la Musique @ Palatte Palette, KL, 7.30pm onwards

Thursday, June 10, 2010

10th June - 16th June 2010

Babiii sorry late, my laptop ada hal, doing this from my friend's PC!
  • 11th June 2010
- Catch Second Combat going acoustic at KreamShop Subang SS 15 and Hujan at Kuala Terengganu.

- The Vampirates SEA Tour
Venue: Rumbia Resort Paka, Terengganu
Time: 4pm
Entry: RM18 (Rm15 pre-sale)
Catch: Kids on the Move, Burnout, Dead Eyes Glow and Arsonist open for The Vampirates from Australia!

  • 12th June 2010
- Flames Festival
Venue: One Cafe, Jln TAR (between Monorails Chow Kit and Medan Tuanku)
Time: 1pm onwards
Entry: RM25 (pre-sale no more)
Catch: This Sunday, Black Territory, Incarnation, Massacre Conspiracy, Kids on The Move, The Padangs, Dichi Michi, Catastrophe and Caladrius open for The Vampirates and SiksaKubur!!

- Couple will be performing at the X-GIG @ Stadium Astro Sokker Safari, Padang Dataran Bandaraya Ipoh

- Second Combat will be at Fayralta Studio, Melaka

  • 13th June 2010
- Malaysian Attack
Venue: One Cafe, Jln TAR (between Monorails Chow Kit and Medan Tuanku)
Time: 2pm onwards
Entry: RM25
Catch: Forbid Traction, Symbiotic in Theory, Massacre Conspiracy, The Padangs, Black Territory, Goresluts and Sil Khannaz

- Southern Metal Assault
Venue: CT Plaza, Johor Bahru
Time: 2pm
Entry: RM28 (RM25 pre-sale)
Catch: Black Territory, Daarchlea and Singaporean band Fall of Mirra

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

3rd June - 9th June 2010

one hell of a week
  • 5th June 2010
- Mari Merosak
Venue: Noisy Studio, Ampang (near Ampang LRT)
Time: 6pm
Entry: RM10
Catch: Nao, The Fridays, The Voks and Law

- KL Big Party 2010
Venue: One Cafe, Jln. TAR (between monorail Chow Kit and Medan Tuanku)
Time: 1pm onwards
Entry: RM25
Catch: Restraint, Naratu, The Times, Couple, Second Combat, Awanband, Kids on the Move, and The Padangs

- Catch The Times, Couple and Robot Asmara at Stadium Negara for the All-Star showcase

- Parttime Lovers will be performing at Dataran Shah Alam in the evening!

- Exhale the Extreme
Venue: Soundmaker Studio, Penang
Time: 2pm onwards
Entry: RM20
Catch: Massacre Conspiracy, Forbid Traction and Black Territory open forSiksaKubur

  • 6th June 2010
- Festival Seni Orang Muda
Venue: Dewan Batu Gajah
Time: 2pm
Entry: RM25 (pre-sale RM18)
Catch: The Padangs, Massacre Conspiracy, As Ashes Fall and Bleeding Mascara open for SiksaKubur!

- Dethrock Dancing
Venue: One Cafe, Jln TAR (Between monorails Chow Kit and Medan Tuanku)
Time: 1pm
Entry: RM20
Catch Nuclear Strikes and Subculture open for Mortal Fear

- Speak Out!
Venue: Noisy Studio, Ampang (near LRT station)
Time: 1pm
Entry: RM13
Catch: Dum Dum Tak, Geng Gemok Keji, The Liberals and Carbon4Teen

  • 9th June 2010
- School Break Chaos
Venue: Equal Studio, Kajang
Time: 1pm
Entry: RM12
Catch This Sunday in action along with many other underground bands!