Tuesday, March 31, 2009

2nd April - 8th April 2009

It's a gig-worthy week and I'm pounded with revision - GRR!
  • 4th April 2009
- Sweet As Revenge Live in KL
   Venue: MCPA Hall, Jln. Maharajalela (opposite monorail station)
   Time: 1pm til end
   Entry: RM 20
   Get your day hardcored with Black Territory, The Padangs, Arsonist & Sweet as Revenge!

- Artkami Soul Fest
   Venue: Asia Village, Keroh, Malacca
   Time: 1pm til end!
   Entry: RM22 (presale), RM25 (on the day, at the door!)
   Bands like: Maximus, Bittersweet, Harmacy, Robot Asmara and Romancesa!

- Rock Against Zionism
   Venue: One Cafe, Jln. Silang, KL
   Time: Just be there by 12pm...
   Entry: Presale --> RM16, 
               On the day, at the door --> RM18
   Bands like: The Peanuts, Bintang Batu, Pesawat, The Night Act, Second Combat and BluezyMoody.

- xElevenx EP release!
   Venue: Noisy Studio, Ampang (near LRT station)
   Time: 2pm til end!
   Entry: RM10 - without CD
                RM20 - with CD
   Catch others celebrating with Eleven like Second Combat, Kids on the Move and Singaporean act, Step Aside!

- Bittersweet will be gigging at the Colours of Luv gig at Malacca!

- Sabah, Tawau holds stage for Hujan!

- The Times will be performing at Terengganu, Dungun.

  • 5th April 2009
- Support Local Music: Live at JB!
   Venue: City Plaza, JB, 3rd Floor
   Time: 1pm til end
   Entry: RM22
   Bands like: OAG, Roots N' Boots and Statik!

- Sweet As Revenge Live in Penang
   Venue: Soundmaker, Penang
   Time: 1pm til end
   Entry: RM 20
   Get your day hardcored with Black Territory, Incarnation  & Sweet as Revenge!

That's all :D

Thursday, March 26, 2009

26th March - 1st April 2009

Wow, in a blink of an eye, we're four months into the year already.
  • 27th March 2009
- Vote Earth Gig!
   Venue: Lepaq Cafe, Sri Hartamas
   Time: 8.30pm til end
   Entry: FREE
   Catch Manis in action to sweeten up the world's crisis.

  • 28th March 2009
- Musica 09 Part II
   Venue: One Cafe, KL
   Time: 12pm til 9pm
   Entry: RM18
   Catch bands like The Times and Street Soda.

- The Otherside Orchestra will be putting on Converse shoes to rock out during the Converse Road Tour in Penang.

- Second Combat will be crashing through Ipoh for the Social Secara Positif show.

- The Histeria Fest 09 at Noisy Studio, Ampang (near the LRT), gives us a flavour of The Padangs!

  • 29th March 2009
- Misery Signals Live in KL
   Venue: MCPA Hall, Jln. Maharajalela (opposite monorail station)
   Time: 2pm onwards
   Entry: RM40 presale - RM50 at the door
   Catch our own kickass selection of hardcore bands sharing the same stage with three international acts!

- The Padangs are screaming their way into another gig, making an appearance at the Volume 9 concert at Stadium Negara!

Believe it or not, that's it. HAHA. Sunburst hangovers...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

19th March - 25th March 2009

This is the week, the week, the week of gigs! - Like any other, actually LOL!

- PSK 08 Indie Fest!
Venue: Parol Stadium, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
   From 20th March - 22nd March 2009
Gigs from 2pm onwards!
   Entry: Free!
   Day One: Couple
Day Two: Skudap Skudip, The Jack, The Rhaman and KlukKlukAdventure!
Day Three: Joanna&Co, The Aggrobeat and Sharpshooter!

  • 19th March 2009
- KL's funky ska band, Forty Winks, will be jazzing up the night at No Black Tie! Head over for a chilled night skanking with your mates!

  • 21st March 2009
- Sunburst KL Festival 2009!
   Venue: Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club
   Time: 2pm to 2am!
   Entry: At the door - RM253
               Presale tickets can be bought at these places for RM203:
               - Rock Corner Megamall
               - Axcess Office, One Utama
   Bands: Favourite local bands macam Meet Uncle Hussain, Hujan, The Otherside Orchestra, Pesawat, Estrella, Estranged, Bunkface, They Will Kill Us All alongside international acts like KORN, N.E.R.D, Erykah Badu and Nidji!

- Gegey Fest 09!
   Venue: MCPA Hall, Jln. Maharajalela (opposite monorail station)
   Time: 1pm til end!
   Entry: RM25 at the door (RM20 presale!)
   Catch hardcore bands like Malaysia's Second Combat, Restraint, Love as Arson, The Padangs, Black Territory with neighboring countries' bands Vermillion, Ebony's Call and For Better Endings from Singapore, and Siksa Kubur and Straight Answer from Indonesia!

- X-Gig: XFresh.FM
   Venue: QE2, Pulau Pinang, Tanjong City Marina, 8A Pengkalan Weld, Georgetown
   Time: 1pm to 5pm
   Entry: X-fresh babe; it's free!
   Catch bands like: The Times, Grey Sky Morning and The Hans!

- Addicted to Music 2009 & Flirts EP Launch!
   Venue: Rainhouse Music Studio, Taiping, Ipoh
   Time: 1pm til end
   Entry: RM15
   Catch Harmacy in action as they blast the stage alive for Flirts to launch their EP!

- Eastern Metal Fest (III)
   Venue: Paul's Place, Old Klang Road
   Time: 2pm til end
   Entry: RM15
   Catch: Revenge and Black Territory in action!

  • 22nd March 2009
- JB Rockfest II!
   Venue: City Plaza, 3rd Floor, Johor Bahru,
   Time: 2pm til end
   Entry: Rm 22 at the door (Presale: RM18)
   Catch bands like: Meet Uncle Hussain, Skudap Skudip, The Times, The Rhaman, Joanna&Co, Restraint and Romancesa!

- Couple will be performing at One Utama for the Satu Suara Campaign. Free Entry! They'll be playing around 4pm!

That's all from me! Muahaha!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

12th March - 18th March 2009

Ahh, this is going to be one kickass week, friends :)
  • 14th March 2009
- Youth For Palestine 
   Venue: Dewan Jubli Intan, Muar, JB
   Time: 1pm onwards
   Entry: RM23  (presale) or RM25 (at the door) - profit collected will be donated to Charity
   JB-ians! Catch bands like: Nadia's Picture Show, Plague of Happiness, Couple, The Times and Revenge!

- Saturday Music Showcase
   Venue: Little Havana, BB, KL
   Time: 4pm - 9pm
   Entry: RM18
   Catch catchy bands like Sharpshooter, Robot Asmara, Zip Zieller and Roti!

- Heaven & Hell
   Venue: One Cafe, KL
   Time: 1pm onwards
   Entry: RM12
   Bands of two different styles mashup like: Romancesa, Grey Sky Morning, Roti and Black Territory!

  • 15th March 2009
- Indie Goodness
   Venue: MCPA Hall, Jln. Maharajalela (opposite Monorail station)
   Time: 1pm onwards
   Entry: RM15 presale (0129091689) or RM18 at the door
   Catch Couple, Romancesa, Manis, The Times, Joanna&Co, Grey Sky Morning & Selamat Pagi Gadis!

- Dance Punk Party 2009!
   Venue: Noisy Studio, Ampang (3min walk from LRT)
   Time: 2pm onwards
   Entry: RM15
   Dance to Enrai, Secret Love Affair, The Voks, Round Robin, Corncake & Missing Chapter!

- Sounds Unite
   Venue: SOHO KL, Mont Kiara Solaris
   Time: 3pm - 9pm
   Entry: RM15
   Catch funkadelics like The Otherside Orchestra, PureVibracion, Estrella, Pesawat and Secret Love Affair!

- The Upstairs Live in KL
   Venue: Modesto's KL
   Time: 1pm - 7pm
   Entry: RM25
   Catch: The Upstairs, Robot Asmara, The Hollows and BloodyMary!

- X-Gig X-Fresh!
   Venue: City Plaza, Johor Bahru
   Time: 2pm - 6pm
   Entry: X-Gig la, babe! It's free!
   Catch bands like: Komplot, Stonebay and Bittersweet!

- Harmacy will be guest band for the UiTM Seri Iskandar Battle of the Bands in Perak!

Tu je. See you, if you can spot me in any of these gigs :D Coz I WILL be at some :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

5th March - 11th March 2009

Damnnn. All the gigs are falling on ONE day! This is crazy, how do we choose!?!?! BLARGH!
  • 5th March 2009
- Souls for Souls @ Taylor’s College, S.Jaya, gives us our happy, clappy but definitely not crappy powerpop band, Couple and danceable The Fridays! If I am not wrong, the actual event is going to be the whole day, and performances around evening!

  • 6th March 2009
- Harmacy will be delighting Ipohans at their Voodoo Bistro, Ipoh (behind the infamous Jusco)!

  • 7th March 2009
- The Secret Show
   Venue: Soundmaker, Weld Quey, Penang
   Time: 2pm onwards
   Entry: RM18
   Catch bands like: The Times and Skatanixs!

- X-Gig Melaka!
   Venue: Aloha, Melaka
   Time: 2pm til end (6pm)
   Entry: FREE - it's X.Fresh, babe!
   Catch PureVibracion, Joanna&Co, The Rhaman, Skudap Skudip and Robot Asmara!

- United Under One Roof
   Venue: SMK Convent, Jln. Peel
   Time: 11am onwards
   Entry: RM5
   Catch: Skudap Skudip, Rivernation, Funky Doryz and Hijau!

- Rock Against Prejudice!
   Venue: One Cafe, KL
   Time: 1pm til end
   Entry: RM15
   Catch bands like: Imaginary Frens, Second Combat and Black Territory

  • 8th March 2009
- Plague of Happiness is back! They'll be skanking their way back to the gig schedules at City Plaza, JB!

That's all! See what I mean? Hahahah!