Thursday, March 26, 2009

26th March - 1st April 2009

Wow, in a blink of an eye, we're four months into the year already.
  • 27th March 2009
- Vote Earth Gig!
   Venue: Lepaq Cafe, Sri Hartamas
   Time: 8.30pm til end
   Entry: FREE
   Catch Manis in action to sweeten up the world's crisis.

  • 28th March 2009
- Musica 09 Part II
   Venue: One Cafe, KL
   Time: 12pm til 9pm
   Entry: RM18
   Catch bands like The Times and Street Soda.

- The Otherside Orchestra will be putting on Converse shoes to rock out during the Converse Road Tour in Penang.

- Second Combat will be crashing through Ipoh for the Social Secara Positif show.

- The Histeria Fest 09 at Noisy Studio, Ampang (near the LRT), gives us a flavour of The Padangs!

  • 29th March 2009
- Misery Signals Live in KL
   Venue: MCPA Hall, Jln. Maharajalela (opposite monorail station)
   Time: 2pm onwards
   Entry: RM40 presale - RM50 at the door
   Catch our own kickass selection of hardcore bands sharing the same stage with three international acts!

- The Padangs are screaming their way into another gig, making an appearance at the Volume 9 concert at Stadium Negara!

Believe it or not, that's it. HAHA. Sunburst hangovers...

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