Wednesday, December 29, 2010

30th December - 6th January 2011

Hello everybody, it's towards the end of the year and I had no time to update on anything with my computer for the past few days. House-painting, CD-cover packaging, travekking here and there... So no post this week.

Anyway, it's new year's, not going to tell you guys where to go, it's up to you. But a few suggestions, the Ulu Kemensah DOME Weekend Festival sounds epic, also Skate Rock Fest @ Shah Alam Skate Park on the 31st. Go, or just go get drunk somewhere and celebrate like everybody else.

Happy New Year, suck it up!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

23rd December - 29th December 2010

a good week

- 24th December 2010

* Last Minute Launch
Venue: Noisy Studio, Ampang (near LRT station, opposite 7Eleven)
Time: 8pm onwards
Entry: RM10
Catch: Carbon 4 Teen, T.I.M and Dum Dum Tak!

- 25th December 2010

* Hujan will be performing at Mydin Mal MICT at 4pm! Catch them and buy their merch!!

* Ska Attack!
Venue: 7th Heaven Studio, Tampin Square, N9
Time: 1pm onwards
Entry: RM12
Skank around with Stick No Bill, Johnny Comes Lately, Orkeska, Geng Gemok Keji & Plague of Happiness!!!

* Putrajaya Youth Day Out!
Venue: Podium B, Menara Kbs, percint 4, Putrajaya
Time: 2pm onwards
Entry: RM20 (presale RM15)
Catch: Kids on the Move, Second Combat, Thy Regiment, Starting Fight and Burnout!

* Tengkujuh Jamm Fest 3
Venue: ZR Studio, Kemaman
Time: 8pm onwards
Entry: RM10
Catch punkers like Dum Dum Tak and Pusher!

* The End of 2010
Venue: Rainhouse Studio, Taiping
Time: 2pm onwards
Entry: RM10
Catch young terrors Astonish Elmo perform with new rising bands of Taiping!

* This Is Hell 4
Venue: Noisy Studio, Ampang (opposite 7elven, near LRT station)
Time: 5pm
Entry: RM10
Catch: Fight Field, Xerpent and Corporate Youth

- 26th December 2010

* Rock The World 10
Venue: Bukit Jalil Stadium, Carpark A
Time: 10am onwards
Entry: Buy tickets at Rock Corner outlets for RM30
Catch: Seven Collar T-shirt, Gerhana Ska Cinta, Stonebay, Azlan & the Typewriters, Skudap Skudip, Dichi Michi, Cassandra, Restraint, Bleeding Mascara, They Will Kill Us All, Couple, Republic of Brickfields, Love Me Butch and Massacre Conspiracy!!!!

* Doppelganger Swap Meets Bazaar
Venue: Palate Palette, Jln Mesui, KL (behind Changkat, BB, next to No Black Tie)
Time: 12pm onwards
Entry: RM10
Catch: The D.I.A, Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob, Shh...Diam! and A Ruthless Cleansing

Cath y'all there, whichever you're going to!! Merry Xmas! :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

16th December - 22nd December 2010

Sorry guys, my internet went a bit retarded, so I had to do this blog almost out of my memory on updates friends gave me.

- 16th December 2010

*The Night When The Moon Played The Piano
A Stonebay Showcase
Venue: Laundry Bar, Mutiara Damansara (Curve)
Time: 9pm onwards
Entry: FREE
Catch bands like Beatburns and Stonebay share a stage!

- 17th December 2010

* Dance Punk Party December 2010
Venue: Palate Palette, Jln. Mesui (behind Jalan Changkat BB)
Time: 8pm
Entry: RM15
Catch a stage with energetics like M.O.I.S.T, Enrai, The Fridays, Parttimelovers and Ben's Bitches!

- 18th December 2010

* I Am David Sparkle LIVE in KL
Venue: MapKL Solaris Dutamas
Time: 7pm
Entry: RM25
Catch: Deepset, Akta Angkasa, Sphere and They Will Kill Us All open for I Am David Sparkle!

- 19th December 2010

* I Am David Sparkle LIVE in Penang
Venue: Soundmaker's Studio
Time: 7pm
Entry: RM20
Catch: Khottal, Hui Se Di Dai and 41 open for I Am David Sparkle!

* Artista Festival @ Tropicana City Mall, Artista Club; this will be held from afternoon until night, with a variety of bands such as BeforeAfters, Beatburns and many many more!

* Hujan will be performing @ Miri, Sarawak at the Hujan Vs. Bunkface Showcase.

Enjoy, people!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

9th December - 15th December 2010

gigs gigs gigs....

- 10th December 2010

* It's a Nightmare; the Undead Series 1
Venue: Palate Palette, Jln Mesui (behind Jalan Changkat), KL
Time: 8.30pm
Entry: RM10
Catch bands like Pusher, The Fridays and The Garrison

- 11th December 2010

* United Against Racism III
Venue: Noisy Studio, Ampang (near LRT)
Time: 1pm onwards
Entry: RM15
Catch the screening of indie film, Gadoh as well as acts by Rotten Ruckus, Second Combat, Thy Regiment, This Sunday, Corporate Youth, Fight Field and Indonesian band, Dead Pits!

* Fallen Heroes
Venue: One Cafe, Jln. TAR (between Medan Tuanku and Chow Kit monorails)
Time: 2pm onwards
Entry: RM25
Catch: Spiral Kinetic Circus, Sensory, Silent Death, Infectious Maggots, Predicate Not Defined, Black Territory and Thy Regiment

* Destroyer Fezz!
Venue: Equal Studio, Kajang (10 minutes walk from KTM, near Metropoint)
Time: 2pm
Entry: Dead Eyes Glow, Kiss The Fallen, Notedown and Bizharo

- 12th December 2010

* Burung2 Gig
Venue: One Cafe, Jln. TAR (between Medan Tuanku and Chow Kit)
Time: 2pm
Entry: RM23 (presale RM16)
For ROTTWailers: RM18 (presale RM13)
Catch: Kids on The Move, Couple, Breakin Chains, Johnny Comes Lately and Skudap-Skudip

Have a funky time!

Friday, December 3, 2010

2nd - 8th December 2010

No updates this week.

Super busy, super shit connection, you get the point.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

25th November - 1st December 2010

im back back back

- 25th November 2010

* Hujan Album Launch: Lonely Soldier Boy
Venue: Berjaya Times Square Entrance
Time: 6pm onwards
Entry: FREE
Put on your raincoats and catch Malaysia's favourite band Hujan as they play at their album launching!

- 27th November 2010

* ROTTW Soundstage 2010
Venue: Muzium Telekom, KL
Time: 1pm til end
Entry: FREE
Catch bands such as Massacre Conspiracy, This Sunday, Predicate Not Defined and Catastrophe play for first place, along with guest bands like Bleeding Mascara!

* Let's Make Some Noise!
Venue: Equal Studio, Kajang
Time: 2pm onwards
Entry: Rm8
Catch bands like Rotten Ruckus, Fight Field and PunahRanah trash stages!

* Catch everybody's favourite ska band Plague of Happiness at The Zone, Stulang (Johor Bahru) at 6pm onwards!

* Smash Racism
Venue: Zr Studio, Kemaman, Terengganu
Time: 1pm
Entry: RM10
Catch: Burnout, Kids on the Move, Collages, Silent Scream and Spitback as they perform against the system of races!

* Warm The Heaven Prt III
Venue: The Wall, Batu Pahat
Time: 2pm
Entry: RM15
Catch: Betrayal Conflict, Proclaim My Victory, Prognosis Death and Chasing Villains

- 28th November 2010

* Spread The Frost: 1st Anniv
Venue: MAP Solaris Dutamas (Black Box)
Time: 12pm til 6pm
Entry: RM3 (RM5 for two) (+ mineral water/creampuffs)
Catch Dead Eyes Glow, Adrenalize and Oh Chentaku

* Fresh Frequency 2010
Venue: Malacca Multimedia University
Time: 8pm
Entry: RM10 for non members / RM8 for members
Catch awesome bands like Seven Collar T-shirt, Ashes of Scarlet and Proclaim My Victory!

The Broadcast (UK) LIVE in Malaysia happening on the 1st was cancelled due to unfortunate circumstances.

Other than that, enjoy your gigs, mighty comrades!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

18th November - 24th November 2010

a quick one.

- 18th November 2010

- 20th November 2010

- 21st November 2010


Couple & Cassandra and other bands will be at City Plaza, Johor Bahru playing at the JB Indie Fest

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

11th November - 17th November 2010

Sorry about last week, here are this week's updates!

- 13th November 2010

* Rockstar Convention
Venue: One Cafe, Jln TAR (between monorails Chow Kit and Medan Tuanku)
Time: 2pm onwards
Entry: RM20
Catch: Dichi Michi, The Padangs, Moms on Strike, Dick Tracy and Massacre Conspiracy

* Adary in Storm
Venue: Adary Studio, Kg Baru, Ampang
Time: 2pm
Entry: RM10
Catch: Black Territory, Elegy, Catastropeh, Endzeil, This Sunday, A Ruthless Cleansing, Unexpected Mercy, Thy Regiment and Heterodox

* Unholy Alliance Revolt
Venue: Noisy Studio, Ampang (near LRT)
Time: 1pm
Entry: RM12
Catch Infinite Delay and Daighila blast the show to pieces!

* Laundry Fest
Venue: Laundry Bar, Mutiara Damansara (@ Curve)
Time: 2pm onwards
Entry: Free, per usual
Catch: Shh...Diam!, Bittersweet, Couple, Definitely Maybe, Pesawat and Rosevelt, plus 3 wildcard bands unnamed yet!

- 14th November 2010

Venue: One Cafe, Jln TAR (between monorail Chow Kit and Medan Tuanku)
Time: 2pm onwards
Entry: RM18
Break your necks with Dead Eyes Glow, Cassandra, Upon Arrival, Side Circle, Massacre By Fall and Dick Tracy!

- 15th November 2010

* The Pints LIVE in Kuala Lumpur
Venue: One Cafe, Jln TAR ( between monorails Chow Kit & Medan Tuanku )
Time: 8pm onwards
Entry: RM15
Catch Pusher, Carbon4Teen, TIM, Kids on the Move and Rotten Ruckus open for Australian punkers, The Pints

Come on out and support.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sorry guys

No time to update on gigs this week! SORRY!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

28th October - 3rd November 2010


- 30th October 2010

* Miles Away LIVE in Malaysia I
Venue: Embrace Hall, Batu Pahat JB
Time: 1pm
Entry: RM25
Catch: Burnout, Collages, Triangle and Fall of Mirra (SG) opening for Miles Away!

* Rockomania
Venue: MK Club, Melaka
Time: 1pm
Entry: RM15 (RM10 presale)
Catch: Asthalin, Cassandra, Dick Tracy, Madhouse, Proclaim My Victory, Ashes of Scarlet!

*Shaking Ground Fest III
Venue: Dewan India, Kuala Kangsar
Time: 2pm
Entry: RM20
Catch: Astonish Elmo, Monoloque and Thy Regiment!

- 31st October 2010

* Tribute to Max Cavalera
Venue: One Cafe, Jln. TAR (Between Chow Kit and Medan Tuanku monorail)
Time: 1pm
Entry: RM20
Catch: Bizharo, Massacre Conspiracy, Black Territory, Elegy, ForbidTraction, Blind Tribe and The Padangs

* Miles Away LIVE at Kuala Lumpur
Venue: Noisy Studio Ampang (near LRT)
Time: 3pm
Entry: RM20
Catch Thy Regiment, Second Combat and Breakin' Chains open for Miles Away!

Which one to go???

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

21st October - 27th October 2010

My gig camera broke. I am very upset. Camane nak amek gambar minggu ni?

- 23rd October 2010

* Prognosis Death Album Launch: We're Still Swinging!
Venue: MyEvo Clubhouse Studio, Jln. Pandan Indah
Time: 1pm
Entry: RM10 (RM7 per CD)
Catch: Prognosis Death, Thy Regiment, Asthalin, The Padangs, Avalon's Whisper and Elegy!

*Acoustic Session
Venue: Menara KBS Presint 2, Putrajaya
Time: 3pm
Entry: FREE
Catch Y2K and Second Combat share a stage together, acoustic style!

* Get Wicked!
Venue: MK Club, Melaka
Time: 1pm
Entry: RM10
Catch: Proclaim My Victory, Bizharo and Burnout

- 27th October 2010

* In League LIVE in Kuala Lumpur
Venue: Noisy Studio, Ampang (near LRT station)
Time: 8pm onwards
Entry: RM5
Catch Asthalin, This Sunday, Thy Regiment, Collages and Massacre Conspiracy as they open for Australian band, In League!

That's all guys. Enjoy. See you at the album launch and at Noisy studio!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

14th October - 20th October 2010

A busy busy weekend!

- 14th October 2010

* Shh...Diam! will be playing at Annexe Central Market on the 14th and 15th of October at 8pm!

- 16th October

* Shh...Diam! will be playing at the Lecture halls and lawn of the Faculty of Economics and Administration, PJ

* Losttapes
Venue: Laundry Bar, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara
Time: 9pm onwards
Entry: FREE
Catch: Deepset, Sphere, Enrai and lots of other great acts

* Northern Fest
Venue: Carsem Hall, Ipoh
Time: 1pm onwards
Entry: RM25 (RM20 pre-sale)
Catch: Asthalin, Burnout, Astonish Elmo, I//Am//Rain, Naratu, Thy Regiment, Oh Chentaku Black Territory and Cassandra

* Backlash
Venue: One Cafe, Jln. TAR (between Chowkit and Medan Tuanku Monorails)
Time: 1pm onwards
Entry: RM15
Catch: This Sunday, Dichi Michi, Azureforjanne, Bizharo, Massacre Conspiracy, Daarchlea and Upon Arrival

- 17th October 2010

* Let's Get It On!
Venue: Seventh Heaven Hall
Time: 2pm onwards
Entry: RM10
Catch: Chewbacca, Daighila, Corporate Youth, The Padangs, Upon Arrival, Always Last and Sarjan Hassan

* EcoFest
Venue: University Malaya, Jln. Universiti
Time: Noon onwards
Entry: Free
Catch: Peter Hassan Brown, Kyoto Protocol, Shh...Diam! and many more!

And that, my friends is all. Just to say, my blogspot html is giving me a lot of headache so if my posts start messing up, sorry!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

7th October - 13th October 2010

WHEEE! the week is here!

Dredging the Sludge Tour:
9th & 10th October 2010
Bands: Dead Eyes Glow, Predicate Not Defined and Regime
9.10.10| @ Terengganu
|10.10.10| @ Cherating, Little Bali

  • 7th October 2010
- Moonshine
Venue: Laundry Bar, Mutiara Damansara, The Curve
Time: 9pm
Entry: FREE
Featuring Ferns, Stonebay, Lightcraft and Aiqa Halim

  • 8th October 2010
- This Is Not A Birthday Gig
Venue: Noisy Studio Ampang
Time: 7.30pm
Entry: RM5 inclusive of food and drinks
Catch: Thy Regiment, Second Combat, Beatburns, Corporate Youth, Naratu, This Sunday, Asthalin, xCrimeScenex, etc etc etc celebrating Celine's birthday!

- RockFeyst
Venue: One Cafe, Jln TAR, (between monorails Medan Tuanku & Chow Kit)
Time: 6pm onwards
Entry: RM25 (RM15 pre-sale)
Catch: A Ruthless Cleansing, Definitely Maybe, Round Robin, Kyoto Protocol and The Bus Company

  • 9th October 2010
- UITM Melaka Masscomm Event presents Couple!

- Shout It!
Venue: SYJ Studio, Seremban
Time: 12pm
Entry: RM15
Catch Naratu, Thy Regiment, Deadscore, Collages, Burnout, Stick No Bill and Breakin' Chains!

- FEYST Concert
Venue: Berjaya Times Square entrance
Time: 2pm onwards
Entry: FREE
Catch One Buck Short, Beatburns, Rosevelt, Azureforjanne, Monoloque, Deserters, Shh Diam! and Indonesian Bottlesmoker, and many more!

- Colourama
Venue: One Cafe, Jln TAR, (between monorails Medan Tuanku & Chow Kit)
Time: 3pm onwards
Entry: RM25 (RM17 pre-sale)
Catch The Dramatic and Robot Asmara play with chiptuners, DJs from here and beyond such as Bottlesmoker, Hentai Kookies, Microbotmen and SiADABiTBALL

That's all rockersss