Wednesday, July 23, 2008

24th July - 30th July 2008

Ngeh, I(Celine) will be off to France July/August, therefore sorry if there will be any delays in next issues for the August weeks, or none at all... :

24th July 2008
  • The Aggrobeats performing @ 9pm
    Laundry Bar, The Curve

25th July 2008

  • Army of Three will be performing @ 8pm
    Encore Camp - Genting
    They will be there until the 27th July. :) GO Ao3!
  • Hujan will be performing @ 8pm
    Era.Fm Tour - Seberang Perai, Pulau Pinang
  • Rock Stun Fest '08
    One Cafe
    8pm til late
    RM 15 (ignore the $ on the flyer haha)

Check out The Padangs.:)

26th July 2008 (the jam begins here)

  • KAMI Tour - Penang
    New World Park
    2pm onwards
Bands that you MUST check out!:
Basically all of them, you know!

Estrella - slow serenades
Bittersweet - Britrock influenced tunes
Couple - Sweet, singalong poptunes heheh
They Will Kill Us All - Ambient Rockkkk
The Times - Poprock
Love Me Butch - Hardcore metal/rock

  • FLYFM Campur Chart - Free Entry!
    Penang - Carmen Bistro
    8pm onwards

Bands to check out:
The Otherside Orchestra
Love Me Butch

  • Saturday Bloody Sunday
    MCPA Hall, KL
    1pm til end
    Saturday (at the door): RM25
    5th July until 20th July: RM40
    21st to 27th July: RM45
Bands to check out (For 26th July):

  • H.I.X, a hardcore screamo band, performing at Cineleisure for the Discovery Stage Battle of the Bands Semi Finals @ 10am!
  • Plague of Happiness & The Full Pledge Munkees performing @ Razzmatazz Disco Club, Kota Kinabalu for P.O.H's KAWAN Tour.

27th July 2008 (another gig-packed day!)

  • Hujan performing for Era.Fm Tour @ Taiping, Perak!
    4pm onwards

  • Saturday Bloody Sunday - Ignite live in Malaysia -
    MCPA Hall - Opposite Maharajalela Monorail Station, KL
    21st to 27th July: RM45!
Don't forget to check out Restraint & Second Combat
And of course, IGNITE!
Love Me Butch will also be opening for Ignite.

  • Army of Three will be performing in SALT Grace Church, Shah Alam
  • Army of Three's vocalist's side project, An Honest Mistake, will be performing in Jln Yap Kwan Seng at the Marketplace Restaurant.
  • Oldschool rock band Revenge will perform for the Road to ROTTW Stage gig @ Central Market Main Stage
    6pm onwards
  • Sarawakian sweethearts, The Times, will perform @ Universiti Sains Malaysia
    Penang - 2pm onwards
  • Johor Bahru, watch out for Couple! They'll be playing in City Plaza
    It's Time To Rock n Roll @ 2pm
  • Plague of Happiness continues their KAWAN tour in Old Court House, Kuching at 12pm onwards! Catch them and skank till you're out of breath!

  • Ini Gigs! - Free Entry
    12pm - 11.30pm
    Hari Usahawan, Tasik Sri Rampai, KL

Bands you got to check out are:

28th July 2008

  • Meet Uncle Hussain in the KAMI tour in Johor Bahru

29th July 2008

  • Ska band Gerhana Ska Cinta at Ruums KL
    8tv Unzipped gig - 8pm!


Damn that's a hell lotta gigs for you to catch, so go!!! :)

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