Saturday, February 28, 2009

26th February - 4th March 2009

Sorry for the lateness... I was sick - to cut it short :D
  • 28th February 2009
- Fight Global Warming
   Venue: MCPA Hall, Jln. Maharajalela (opposite the monorail station)
   Time: 1pm til end
   Entry: RM18
   Catch hardcore bands like: Second Combat, Restraint, xElevenx and Black Territory!

- Suara Gaza
   Venue: Orange Club, Sultan Ismail
   Time: 1pm til end!
   Entry: RM25 to RM45 (up to donation)
   Catch bands like: Revenge, Roots N Boots, Maximus and Deja Voodoo Spells!

- Konsert Kemanusiaan Untuk Gaza
   Venue: Muzium Telekom, Jln. Raja Chulan
   Time: 2pm til end
   Entry: RM 25
   Catch bands like: OAG, Deja Voodoo Spells, Komplot, Pesawat, The Times and Zip Zieller!

- Orbit Muzika Vol.3
   Venue: Dewan St John’s Ambulance Hall (opposite Taman DR), Ipoh
   Time: 1pm til late
   Entry: RM18
   Catch Bands like: Couple, Bittersweet, The Night Act and The Hollows!

  • 1st March 2009
- Fight Global Warming
   Venue: Giggers, Klang Lama
   Time: 1pm
   Entry: RM17
   Catch bands like: Second Combat and Kids on the Move!

- Pesawat will be jamming it up with many others at the Hot.FM Big Jam at JB!

And that is all while I was dying on my bed. LOL!

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