Tuesday, July 13, 2010

15th July - 21st July 2010

  • 16th January 2010
- Plague of Happiness will be performing, 7pm @ Bukit Timbalan, JB

  • 17th January 2010
- Tribute to Jesper Stromblad (In Flames)
Venue: One Cafe, Jln. TAR (between monorail Chow Kit & Medan Tuanku)
Time: 2pm
Entry: RM15 (before 3pm: RM10)
Catch: This Sunday, Forbid Traction, Caladrius, Black Territory, Elegy, Incarnation, Unexpected Mercy, Massacre Conspiracy and Reynagade play covers by In Flames!

- Dredging The Sludge TOUR
Venue: Batu Pahat, Johor Bahru
Time: 1.30pm
Entry: RM15
Catch: Dead Eyes Glow, Predicate Not Defined and Farasu

- Nao Pre-Tour Gig
Venue: KLPAC, Jln. Sentul
Time: 8pm
Entry: RM15
Catch: Deepset and Fetus will open for NAO in this delightful trio show!

- Save Our Space II
Venue: Noisy Studio, Ampang (near LRT station)
Time: 7pm onwards
Entry: RM10
Catch: xXCrimeSceneXx, Daighila and Motorbreath

- Underworld Screamers
Venue: Soundmaker Studio, Penang
Time: 2pm
Entry: RM18
Catch: Gangbuster, Goresluts and Hui Se Di Dai

  • 18th July 2010
- "Earthlings" Screening (not a gig)
Venue: Noisy Studio, Ampang
Time: 7pm onwards
Entry: FREE
Bring your home-made/bungkus'd vegetarian dishes along for a potluck and lots of discusssioonnn

- Gathering of The Bands
Venue: Tortoise Music Studio, Melaka
Time: 2pm
Entry: RM13 (pre-sale RM10)
Catch: Betrayal Conflict and Proclaim My Victory

- Ocean of Blood
Venue: Myevo Clubhouse, Pandan Indah
Time: 2pm
Entry: RM15
Catch: Deadscore, Collages, Unexpected Mercy, Betrayal Conflict and Final Chapter

- Dredging The Sludge
Venue: Embrace Hall, Johor Bahru
Time: 1.30pm
Entry: RM15
Catch: Dead Eyes Glow and Predicate Not Defined

  • 21st July 2010
- Hujan will be performing at Sri Pentas 2 Plaza Alam Central at 7pm. Free entry! Be there Raingers!


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