Tuesday, June 1, 2010

3rd June - 9th June 2010

one hell of a week
  • 5th June 2010
- Mari Merosak
Venue: Noisy Studio, Ampang (near Ampang LRT)
Time: 6pm
Entry: RM10
Catch: Nao, The Fridays, The Voks and Law

- KL Big Party 2010
Venue: One Cafe, Jln. TAR (between monorail Chow Kit and Medan Tuanku)
Time: 1pm onwards
Entry: RM25
Catch: Restraint, Naratu, The Times, Couple, Second Combat, Awanband, Kids on the Move, and The Padangs

- Catch The Times, Couple and Robot Asmara at Stadium Negara for the All-Star showcase

- Parttime Lovers will be performing at Dataran Shah Alam in the evening!

- Exhale the Extreme
Venue: Soundmaker Studio, Penang
Time: 2pm onwards
Entry: RM20
Catch: Massacre Conspiracy, Forbid Traction and Black Territory open forSiksaKubur

  • 6th June 2010
- Festival Seni Orang Muda
Venue: Dewan Batu Gajah
Time: 2pm
Entry: RM25 (pre-sale RM18)
Catch: The Padangs, Massacre Conspiracy, As Ashes Fall and Bleeding Mascara open for SiksaKubur!

- Dethrock Dancing
Venue: One Cafe, Jln TAR (Between monorails Chow Kit and Medan Tuanku)
Time: 1pm
Entry: RM20
Catch Nuclear Strikes and Subculture open for Mortal Fear

- Speak Out!
Venue: Noisy Studio, Ampang (near LRT station)
Time: 1pm
Entry: RM13
Catch: Dum Dum Tak, Geng Gemok Keji, The Liberals and Carbon4Teen

  • 9th June 2010
- School Break Chaos
Venue: Equal Studio, Kajang
Time: 1pm
Entry: RM12
Catch This Sunday in action along with many other underground bands!


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