Monday, July 6, 2009

Deactivation: Today - 24th August 2009

Hello all music lovers dari KL and everywhere else in Malaysia!

Saja nak inform that I will be too busy - WAY too busy - here in England and France to update weekly for the gigs dekat Malaysia.

So I will have to deactivate until I go back to Malaysia. Argh rindu gila babi.

Just a few tips, if you still want to know where to catch you favourite Malaysian band's weekly performances, just go to and click on 'Music' and in the search bar just type the band's name.

Click on their band page (usually the first on the list la, with banyak gila fans number haha).
Go look at their 'Upcoming Shows' list, and you can let yourself know when and where is their next gig. Some of them are friendly and have flyers in their photo albums. Check those out too!

That's all from me here!
Take care semua!

With Love,
KL Mosher

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