Wednesday, April 15, 2009

16th April - 22nd April 2009

Sleepy.... Sleepy..... Haha, it's one of those weeks where you have to split yourself in a hundred pieces to go to all the gigs :D

- Ongoing Events -
Malaysian Bands UNPLUGGED
Venue: Istana Budaya, Lambang Sari
18th and 19th April 2009
18th April; 1st Session - 3:00pm
Featuring: OAG, Dance to the Radio & Auburn

2nd session - 8:30pm
Featuring: OAG & The Times

19th April; Last session - 3:00pm
Featuring: OAG

  • 18th April 2009
- School Goes Rock
   Venue: St. John's Institution Hall
   Time: 10am til end
   Entry: RM15
   Featuring a mixture of: Pesawat, Couple, xElevenx and Romancesa!

- Bands Go On Tour!
   Venue: Soundmaker Studio, Penang
   Time: 3pm til end
   Entry: RM20
   Featuring danceable bands like Skudap-Skudip and Komplot!

- Noisy Studio, Ampang (near the LRT station)  gives us a gig that will be featuring great acts like Plague of Happiness and Second Combat! Get cash, be there, and most of all, have fun!

- Couple will be a guest band for the Battle of The Bands of University of KL.

  • 19th April 2009
- YCR & UxF Anniversary!
   Venue: Noisy Studio, Ampang - Near the LRT station
   Time: 3pm onwards
   Entry: RM5! YES it's that cheap! Along with endless supplies of food/drinks/CDs, everything!
   Featuring: Second Combat, Kids on the Move and xElevenx!

Rock hard! Go for yourselves AND for me, because I'm stuck here with revision GWAR!
x.Talk ROCK not Cock.x

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