Wednesday, September 17, 2008

18th September - 24th September 2008

Haishhh, boring laaaa, so little gigs happening now due to Puasa month.

Soon, soon, after Hari Raya, everyone's going to blast! :)
Anyway, this is not really a gig but check it out anyway.
If you'd like to get a chance to meet a few local artists and buka puasa with them, drop by at Kitaro (the really bigass mamak stall at Bukit Bintang, behind BB Plaza)!
You'll get a chance to dine (at your own expenses of course!) with The Padangs! You hardcore fans, go fast and you'll get to eat with them! (Mind the pun!)

As for gigs, not much is happening except Forty Winks will be skanking the tiles of No Black Tie's floors on the 22nd September, Monday.
Admission Fees: RM 10
Time: 9pm onwards.
Be there or be square!
And for now, that's all from me and happy puasa! :)


bloody awful poetry said...

Awesome blog =) Glad you're finally have an entire blog dedicated to what you love!
And thanks for being a follower, you.

GigKL said...

thanks duuude :D hahaha